Application Manager has stopped working

I was trying to create a new application. When I tried to link the output matrix file to catalog key (I named the output file FreeSkim.MAT), it says that “the application manager has stopped working”, and Cube itself was “frozen”. Has anyone encountered the same issue?

Thank you!!

Check the length of the full file path and name. I’ve had a similar issue before when this exceeded 255 (I think) characters.


Thanks for your suggestion, Peter. I stored the file under C:\FSUTMAS\TestModel, with a file name of FreeSkim.Mat. It doesn’t seem to be particularly long, since I used the same file path for input files, and I did not have any issues linking input files. I’m not familiar with the process “link to catalog key”, so there might be something I did wrong with that. I wonder if you have other potential solutions that I could try? Thanks a lot!