ArcGIS licence issue

I have encountered a licence issue when working with CUBE 6.1. A few months ago I was able to use the “unbuild/build a non-TRIPS highway network to dBase” tool and now every time I try to input a file to build/unbuild a network I ve got an error message saying “Error- no ArcGIS licence or GIS option not installed”. This shouldn’t be happening as I ve got ArcGIS 10.3 installed in my computer. Could you please advice what is this happening and how to sort this out? Thanks.

Your cube version does not met with your Arcgis version .You can install cube with GIS engine embedded more weight about 1200 kb (not depending on Arcgis) your installed cube version depends on Arcgis version X only or downgrade installing the older version of Arcgis that met with your cube version.