Automatic Defining of Ranges for Link Colour Specifications

I am creating a new Link Colour specification based on an AADT attribute which has been calculated. However, as the attribute is new, I am not so familiar with the distribution of values for this attribute on the network (i.e. I am not sure what the upper limit is). Is there a way for Cube to automatically define the ranges or provide some sort of histogram for this?

Yes, you should be able to accomplish this by clicking, “Analysis”, followed by, “Multi-Bandwidth”.
In MutiBandwidth, select “Aadt”, or the appropriate attribute name for the AADT data you described. Cube should subsequently “display” the range of this attribute adjacent to the value/pixel “box”. This far-right box, called “value range” is what you want . Did this answer your question?

Hi Jill,

Thanks so much for your assistance, I have actually solved this using a manual process as AADT is directly proportional to flow (and thus I used that distribution factored up to AADT).

However, indeed the method you described provides a good indicator of the minimum and maximum ranges for future applications. Is there a way, however to do further analysis? If I, for example, wanted to find the average value, how would I do about doing this?

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for that type of analysis you’ll need to utilize the functionality of the NETWORK module