Compatability with ArcGIS 10.4?

Hey guys, we have CUBE version 6.1.1 and our GIS is going to be migrating from ArcGIS 10.1 to 10.4.

Is CUBE compatible with ArcGIS 10.4?

thx, Nathan

Currently Arc GIS 10.4 is not supported by Cube 6.4.1.

Installing Arc GIS 10.4 on top of Cube might result in errors. You might have to re-install CUBE 6.4.1 after updating Arc GIS to 10.4. Re-installation would fix the dependencies.

Cube 6.4.1 supports upto Arc GIS 10.3.X.
Cube 6.4 supports upto ArcGIS 10.3
Cube 6.1.1 supports upto ArcGIS 10.2.2.
Cube 6.1.0 supports upto ArcGIS 10.1,

Hello, is there any update to this post?

If not, is there a timeframe for CUBE compatibility with ArcGIS 10.4?

thx, Nathan