Converting Two-way Link to One-way Link

Is there any possibility to convert a two-way link two one-way link?
While importing the network from shapefile, I used ‘oneway field’ in my shapefile to define the oneway links but its not working.
Can anyone suggest how to convert the two-way link to one way link?

You mentioned in your shapefile you had a ‘one-way’ field? Please check to see if there is more than one value for this field in the attribute table. For example, the shapefile from Cubetown below has such a field called ONEWAY_TWO. As you can see there is more than one value for this field so Cube would be able to differentiate the two.

If no such condition exists for your shapefile, then it is best to edit and update the actual one-way fields within an GIS environment.

Thank You for your reply. I have tried in another way.
I took,

for oneway links - 0
for two-way links - 2 in ONEWAY attribute table
and it worked fine.
Once again Thank You.