Creating OD Matrix in Cube Voyager

Hello, a coworker and I are attempting to create an OD matrix from a model. Typically we receive models from another firm and run the models to get our results, which we then analyze in other programs. We do not create models from the ground up. Most of our experience in Cube is in inspecting the output networks

That being said, is there some sort of script to create an OD matrix of turning movement volumes for nodes in a model? I’ve heard it can be done fairly easily in Cube Analyst, but since we don’t have a license for that module we’d like to be able to do it in Voyager.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Hello. Have you explored using TURNS and the TURNVOLO file? You could create matrices from that. Or do you mean creating a matrix for all movements through a particular node/groups of nodes/links using SELECTLINK or SELECTLINKGROUP?

Hello @Oliver,

I know this is an old post, but I would like to revive it because you asked a question that I would like to resolve. I would like to generate a matrix file that only shows trips that went through my SELECTLINK flagged links. Is this possible? If so, how would I go about generating that matrix? Thanks in advance.


If you open the Voyager documentation there are quite a few examples and explanations for SELECTLINK. One example for the Highway program is found at the bottom of page 291 in the latest Release Guide for Cube Voyager:

VOL[1]=MW[3], VOL[2]=MW[6],VOL[3]=MW[3],TIME=0-7.5

This first PATHLOAD statement causes the COST paths to be built, and then the values from MI.1.ODTRIPS are assigned and added to VOL[1].
The second PATHLOAD statement causes the following sequence of events:

  1. COST paths are built.
  2. MW[6] is set equal to the values in MW[3] for the Js whose path from I crosses link 2001-2004.
  3. The values from MW[3] are assigned to the COST paths and added into VOL[1] volumes.
  4. The values from MW[6] (the selected link trips) are assigned to the COST paths and added into VOL[2].
  5. The values from MW[3] are assigned to only the links that are within 7.5 minutes from I and added into VOL[3] (these are the cold start volumes).

Don’t forget though you can include several links e.g.
SELECTLINK=(L=2001-2004 && L=2004-2008) - i.e. it needs to use both links to be saved
SELECTLINK=(L=2001-2004 || L=2004-2008) - i.e. it needs to use either link to be saved

This is different for Public Transport skims which can be seen on page 735.