Data manager not working

After installed my CUBE 6.1, I found my data manager and all functions related to ArcGis such as ‘‘geodatabases’’ and ‘‘GIS map’’ were all greyed. But my ArcGis 10.2 can run properly on my laptop. Should the license be manually connected with CUBE? Or ArcGis 10.2 have compatible problems with cube 6.1? Thanks a lot.

I suggest you uninstall the standalone ARC GIS application from your machine and reinstall the CUBE 6.1 GIS (with ARC GIS) package. If you still face the problem, please contact Citilabs team via

If you are using Cube 6.1.0, then it can only support up to ArcGIS versions 10.1.X. If you are running with Cube 6.1.1, then that version can handle ArcGIS versions up to 10.2.X.