Define drive on left on a network imported from SHP

Hi all,

I’m using Cube 6.4.3 and ArcGIS 10.5 in Australia (driving on the left-hand side).

I have imported a SHP to a geodatabase through the Data Manager because I want to use the Multi-Bandwidth representation of traffic volumes.

The issue is that the representation assumes the default ‘drive on right’ and I cannot find any options to change it to ‘drive on left’.

Note that the ‘Network Window’ under the NET/GIS tab of Options is not active because Cube does not recognise the SHP as a ‘proper’ network, I assume.

Keen to hear your thoughts.



When you are talking about the ‘Network Window’ under the NET/GIS tab of Options (File > Options > Network Window) being inactive:

You are correct. This option is only available if you are working with the Network Window and have a Cube-friendly file open (e.g. Within that window, shapefiles are only used to retrieve geometry (True Shape Display). As they are Esri polyline elements, they (shapefiles) cannot be associated with “drive-on-left”.

If you would like, please share your files to Citilabs Support: and we can remediate this.


Thanks for the clarification vudang,

Regarding getting Citilabs Support to remediate - I was looking at a more “autonomous” solution as I will need o be able to do it myself for other datasets.

Thank you.