Error Exception E0434F4D

I’m getting a Error Exception E0434F4D when I open Cube. It won’t let me close the program except through using the Windows Task Manager. In addition, I can open a highway network, but none of the toolbars appear to pan, zoom, etc.

Cube 6.0 is installed. Will this go away if I upgrade?

Jim Bunch

Hi Jim, what version of Cube are you using (6.0.2, 6.1.0)? Do you have ArcGIS Desktop installed? If so, what version?

I have the same error message using CUBE 6.0.1 and GIS 10.4.1. It happens when I want to create a new matrix. It works fine on a different machine with CUBE 6.0.1 as well so I dt think it is related to the version. There might be a problem with the setup.
Any idea what could cause that?
Thanks a lot

We found that Cube 6.1.2 and lower had to use ArcGIS 10.2. They is not compatible with the newer versions. If you use Cube 6.4.2 you should be fine.