Help with posting?

Hello everyone,

I am not an expert in CUBE, and I have a question, and hopefully, someone will give me an answer or helpful tips.

As we all know when the user wants to post attributes on the links in the loaded network … go to Home then click Post all or post signal and then chose what you want to show.
My question was when I chose to post; for example one attribute in the unloaded network, Cube will show me that attribute on the link as two values one for each direction, from A to B and from B to A! So, what if I want to show one value on the link as one diction only, From A to b only? I do not know how to do that! Hopefully, somebody can tell me how.

Thank you in advance.

Pay close attention to.

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Pay close attention to what ?

Hello. Does it matter which side of the link you wish to post the values to? Does it always need to be on the same side or is more important that you only have one value? For example, the below example from Cubetown posts SPEED using the condition “(A > B) | ONEWAY_TWO=1” but obviously the side of the link the value is on will be different.

For reference, the condition is effectively saying “post SPEED when A is great than B or when the link is one-way”.