Importing PT Lines from shp

Hi everyone. I am trying to import to cube PT lines but I am not able to do it using the tool Build PT lines From SHP. The fact is that I have a dbf file with routes information (A,B,LineID, SeqNo, StopNode, etc) but i do not have the shapefile (neither .shp nor .shx). I have seen that in other topic in community some of you have talked about it but I am not able to follow the procedure (

Can anyone give me some guidance?

Thank you very much in advance

I have seen that both of you have talked about this topic and I’d would be very grateful if you help me.

@eubora @clanbaby

Hi, Cldejuan.It’s my pleasure to give some suggesiotns for you about PT Lines Conversion.
PLZ email me the routes file sample you have and your final purpose, so i can try to code it to solve your problem.

And also the Node DBF with N’s x y coordinate