Installing CUBE in "golden image"


I’m currently installing CUBE 6.4 as part of an image build and are seeing a few things that I’d like to get confirmation on:
I install Windows Server 2012R2, dotnet Framework 3.5 features and run the CUBE 6.4 installer, providing a license file on the command line. So far so good, works as expected. I then sysprep the image.

  • after deploying this new image I launch CUBE 6.4 and I get the following prompts:
  • CUBE tries to connect to the update server. This machine is not internet connected. How do I disable this programmatically? I couldn’t find anything in the registry.
  • On starting Cube, a dialog box presented with: “The ArcGIS Engine Runtime License is in need of a repair operation”
  • CUBE 6.4 launches fine and also says that it is licensed to the company it should be licensed for.

Any advise appreciated.