Opening the existing cube catalog file?

I have a cube catalog file which is made available by some external agency.
I am trying to open that cube catalog file (file size 4kb) using cube 6.4.2.

I have saved that file on my desktop, and I am not able to open it by following way: File - open - selecting the file from desktop.

Do I need to save that file in some specific folder to open it?

please help

I think the catalog file can’t be opened if the files referred in the catalog are not present. Make sure it is in a folder with all input and output files and see if it works

What error are you getting? Or is it simply not doing anything? As @Tsatsu_Apronti says, you need all the model files not just the .cat (it’s not clear in your post if this is the case or not).

Hi Oliver,
I have saved input files, output files and .cat file, of an existing CUBE model in the same folder.

I am now trying to open that model. I have saved the folder on my C drive.
I am getting the following screens as attached, and I am not able to see the usual view of a model, represented by several boxes.

Please advise.

Sorry for the delay. Obvious question but I need to check, have you double-clicked on an Application?

In case you’re new to Cube, you need to go to the ‘App’ tab under your scenarios (default view these are separate) then double-click on an application to open. Clicking the upper-most will give you the top level model view.