Running cube catalog scenarios programmatically

Is there a way to run a scenario configured within Cube Catalog scenario manager from an external program? For example, say I have 3 scenarios within my catalog and I’ve just fixed a bug in the network and need to rerun all 3 scenarios. Could this be done from a batch program?

Hi! mmilkovits,

If I understand your inquiry correctly, you just want to run 3 scenarios sequentially after modifying the input highway network. In that case, you don’t need to use a batch program because Cube Base has an option to perform the multiple scenarios using ‘Select Scenarios’ in the ‘Run Application’ panel as below.

Please let me know if you need additional information about this option or want to do something else.

Hope this helps. Thank you.


You can also batch runs of applications across multiple scenarios using Task Run File (.TRF) files loaded into the Task Monitor.

You create these by clicking ‘Run…’ in the Application pane, and click ‘Save Task Run File Only (Run later from Monitor)’.

Then open the Task Monitor and click on File>Select Outstanding Tasks…

There you can load in as many TRF files as you like and then set the order.

This option is handy if you want to run dependent applications out of sequence etc.