Welcome to the Citilabs Customer Community!

What is this Community for?

This is where you can interact with other Citilabs customers to ask questions, seek support and advice, and share tips and tricks concerning Citilabs products and services.

Who is this Community open to?

The Citilabs Customer Community is open to all users of Citilabs products and services. You do not need to have a license under current maintenance to use the Community.

Does Citilabs participate in the Community?

Citilabs monitors activity and posts at the Community. This is primarily intended as a peer-to-peer Community, but that does not mean that Citilabs staff will not respond to a topic. If you are a user with a license under current maintenance, you can get priority support by using the Support Request option from the Cube Help menu or by emailing our support staff directly.

What are the “off-limits” discussion topics?

Off-limits topics include anything that another user may find offensive or hurtful. Spam posts will result in warning, account deactivation, or deletion of the user’s account and posts. Additionally, any discussion related to bypassing or circumventing Citilabs licensing and/or software protection mechanisms are strictly prohibited and will result in moderator action.

If you witness a user discussing any of the above off-limits topics, please use the Flag button to flag the post, which will notify a moderator.

Where can I find posts from the old Community?

You can find a read-only, searchable archive of all old posts at http://archive.community.citilabs.com.

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